Retro App is a product three years in the making. It’s been a labor of love and pain that was born from a deep conversation I had with a senior product owner about which development ceremonies are most important. Originally, I fought on the side of Daily Stand-ups, but in the end, Retrospectives were the clear winner.

The first version of Retro App was a nights-and-weekends cranked-out experience. We launched it and used it ourselves. It grew beyond teams in production to managers running them at quarterly meetings, and then beyond that.

That seed of a product needed a strong redesign and refactor (there's only so far a CEO’s code can take you) and I was humbled to see design and development expand this vision into what you experience today.

Tasks are easier than relationships: you can define what you want, when you want it, and how you want things done. There’s an entire industry centered on helping people achieve their goals, but cultivating relationships involves deep behavioral changes. Humans are tricky and idiosyncratic, but one fact remains constant: talking to each other is good. It helps.

We hope this tool helps your people talk to each other so they can do better and be better.